Which is better? A Float Trip or Wade Trip? It simply depends on the type and style of fishing that you prefer. For example, on float trips you can cast one time at each hole as you float by hundreds of prime fishing holes each day, or on a wade trip, you can cast 100 times at one hole. Variety is the spice of life!

Fishing for Beginners

Feeling a little inexperienced? A little intimidated? Don’t worry! When trying fly-fishing for the first time it can be a little overwhelming; not knowing what you’re doing or what you’ll need. However, the information this website has to offer as well as advice from the South Fork Angler Guides is at your disposal. We’d love to give you a few casting lessons to help you understand the basics of fly-fishing and get you on your way to becoming a pro! You know what they say…”practice makes perfect.”

Beginner 2 Hour Lesson Rates

2-hour fly fishing lesson
for 2 anglers $200.00

Float Trips

Float trips are a wonderful way to fish the Rio Grande since they allow the angler to reach sections of the river not accessible by foot. As you travel down the river, you will have the opportunity to catch a trophy trout in hundreds of prime fishing holes.

Float Trip Pricing
Half Day $450 Full Day $600

The price is the same for 1 or 2 anglers.
A full day float trip is around 8 hours, while a half-day is approximately 4 hours.

Wade Trips

Wade trips are a great way for anglers to spend more time ‘working’ quality water. Each season we teach hundreds of new clients the finer aspects of fly-fishing. Your guide will be by your side helping you spot and stalk the elusive trout of the Rio Grande River. We also offer wade trips on the smaller streams in the area.

Don’t assume that small streams only hold small fish, there are many impressive trout caught while ‘small stream’ fishing. Browns, rainbows, brookies and Rio Grande cutthroat can all be found in many of the smaller streams. Catching all four species on the same day is called a “Rocky Mountain Grande Slam,” and is quite a special occasion!

Wade Trip Pricing
Half Day $300 Full Day $400

The price is the same for 1 or 2 anglers.
A full day wade trip is around 8 hours, while a half-day is approximately 4 hours.

Euro-Nymphing Trips

This technique is quickly becoming the most productive way to catch trophy fish. Using specialized equipment, lines and flies allows anglers to “reach” fish we never new existed. The guide staff at SFA has access to incredible waters to practice the style of fishing. If you are ready to take your angling skills to the next level, and catch more fish than you have done before, give us a call to book your Euro-nymphing trip.

Private Access Ranches

The South Fork Guide Service is proud to offer fishing access to several exclusive & private ranches with stretches of river, streams, ponds, and lakes. We have built long-standing relationships with landowners and gained access to several of the best private fisheries in the area. These fishing destinations are highly sought after and advance reservations are mandatory.

To ensure quality fishing, trips are limited to 2 anglers per guide and all Private Access Ranch fishing are ‘Full Day’ trips.

Private Access Ranch fees range from $50-$150 per rod and are in addition to the guide fees.

Please Contact Us for a detailed list and description of each.

All Guided Fly Fishing Trips Include:

All taxes and associated fees, Guide, transportation to and from the river, gear and soft tackle.  Stream-side lunch and drinks are provided on full day trips. Our all-inclusive trips have NO hidden costs, and don’t require the purchase of additional supplies or equipment!

**Please specify if you are a vegetarian or have any food allergies!

See FAQ’s for a complete list of  ‘What to Bring’ items for all fishing trips.

South Fork Anglers is an Equal Opportunity service provider and employer and operates under special use permit from the USDA Forest Service and Rio Grande National Forest.

South Fork Anglers is a Licensed River Outfitter- Issued by Colorado Parks & Wildlife.